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Jamie is great fun for more experienced children to ride and likes to jump, but also enjoys teaching beginners.

Birth year - 1999



Wonky is a very sweet-natured mare who enjoys going on rides and taking part in more advanced lessons.

Birth year - 2009


Charlie is a 14hh chestnut pony who is now retired, living the Life of Riley. He comes in for his breakfast, gets some attention and then goes back out into the field.

Birth year - 1999




Leia is a little bay mare who joined us at the beginning of 2016. Named after the great late Carrie Fisher's iconic Star Wars character, Leia is a lively Irish Sports Horse, mainly used for our more advanced riders.

Birth Year - 2011


George is a Fell pony who used to belong to the Queen!

Birth year - 1998



Glory is a fabulous little pony who loves to jump!

Birth year - 2002


Rhum is also famous for being one of our horses who belonged to the queen. He is a 14 hh black fell pony who was returned back to us after pursuing a career in showing!
Birth year - 2007


Beauty is a pretty 13.2 hh bay New Forest mare. She is a speedy pony and is very popular.
Birth year - 2003


Dream is a Welsh Section D Cob who rides with his tongue sticking out!

Birth year - 2001



Indy is one of our escort horses and is also ridden by more advanced clients. She competes locally in dressage and showjumping.

Birth year - 2005


Apache is a sweet pony who has quite unusual colouring & different eye colours. His best friend is a little black pony called Murphy.

Birth year - 2008



Jade is a 15.2hh Irish Sport Horse who is a great all rounder.

Birth year - 1997


Rodney is an Irish Draught horse and is our gentle giant, who is very friendly!

Birth year - 2005



Keeta is a 11.1hh pony. She is mostly used as a lead rein pony for beginners. She is best friends with Mouse.

Birth year - 2004



Earl is a 14.2 hh grey Connemara pony. He is very keen to try anything and seems to especially like jumping. He has been taken to several shows and sponsored rides by Carol and is loving his life with us.

Birth year - 2012



Mouse is a speedy pony who loves jumping, but also takes care of less experienced riders.

Birth year - 1999


Troy is a 16.2 hh chestnut Irish Sports Horse. He used to be a hunter and is now happy taking people on gentle hacks and on lessons in the schooling field.

Birth year - 2003



Poppy is a 15hh skewbald who enjoys jumping but is also great for going out for walks.

Birth year - 2007



Monarch is a pet Minature Horse. He is a bay gelding and is Solo's boyfriend. If anyone else tries to talk to him, beware of Solo who gets very jealous and always calls for him if she is left in the field on her own.

Birth year - 1994



Chocolate is a cheeky Welsh pony who enjoys going on hacks and having fun in the school.

Birth year - 2008


Finn is used used mainly for escorting and for more advanced clients. He is a stunning piebald gelding measuring 15.2 hh.
Birth year - 2011


Solo is mostly retired now as she is getting old, but still ocassionally takes out beginners. She has been helping children to learn how to ride for well over a decade!

Birth year - 1990


Peggy is named after Peggy Mitchell from Eastenders! She is 14hh and is a very friendly black mare.

Birth year - 2010



Winter is a gorgeous 16.2 hh grey mare who is keen to learn with lots of potential and is used for more advanced clients.

Birth year - 2013


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